Pain in the right temple area can sometimes be the result of temporal arteritis, a condition which affects the temporal arteries that supply blood to head and brain. Temporal arteritis can present as a stabbing pain in the right temple, a dull pain in the right temple, a pain only when the right temple is touched, or pain in the temple and ...Vein pulsating from temple area - Undiagnosed Symptoms ... I have been having these "episodes", where I can also feel my veins pulsing and throbbing. This happens around my temple area, my right wrist, left and right arm pit and by my triceps and I can sometimes feel a prickle in my fingers.
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Oct 24, 2016 · Veins don’t twitch. Muscles surrounding them twitch. Some causes of such twitching can be fatigue, cramping, injury, nervousness, or the muscle simply has an urge to “twitch”. I wouldn’t worry about it unless there are other symptoms such as redness in the area, persistent pain, or prolonged numbness in that area.
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generalgrievousdatingsim: “my body is less of a “temple” and more of a rotting 19th century mansion rumored to be haunted by several wicked and vengeful spirits ” this is a heart meter. veinslikefeathers has 3 out of 4 hearts
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While migraine symptoms vary from person to person, a common place for migraine pain to start is in your temples. The pulsating pain may spread to both temples but often stays on just one side of...
The inside of my head is bursting at the seams, trying to push its way through the veins in my temple . During these episodes of severe pain there may be other symptoms such as watering or redness of the eye, runny or blocked nose, and drooping of the eyelid, all on the same side as the headache.

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A muscle twitch can be anything from a simple single muscle fiber twitching on its own, to an entire muscle group twitching that it innervated by a motor nerve fiber. Most of the time an isolated muscle twitching is not pathologic (meaning that something bad is going on), but when twitching becomes regular, or more diffuse, it can be a sign of ...
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Spider veins represent tiny dilated blood vessels near your skin surface. They most often develop in the legs and, unfortunately, on the face. The sides of the nose and cheeks are favorite sites for spider veins, although they can occur anywhere on your face.

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Spider and varicose veins. Spider and varicose veins are both signs of high blood pressure in the legs, usually suffered by women, according to Vascular Web. (Spider veins are actually mild forms of varicose veins that look like a group of red or blue lines under the skin).
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Recently, my vein on my right temple has been pulsating a lot. It happens to me through out the day and sometimes if I put my hand over it, I can feel the movement as well as see it in the mirror. ...

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Anyways, my theory is that the vibration is heartward of a small clot or partial blockage of a large vein and the vibration is the turbulence of the blood as it flows over or around. Very similar to the cavitation in a garden hose if you squeeze it or bend it slightly partially obstructing the flow.

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Varicose veins. Varicose veins are superficial veins that have expanded in response to increased pressure caused by incompetent or absent valves. Progressive vein dilation eventually prevents the valve from closing properly resulting in reflux. Alternatively, a lack of competent valves can also cause dilation of the vein.
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A twitch is a small, involuntary contraction and relaxation of a muscle or group of muscles. The medical term for twitches is "fasciculations," and they can occur in any muscular area ...

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The muscle twitching caused by anxiety can be seen in individual muscles or in groups of muscles. It may stay in one muscle group or move randomly around your body. The twitching may last for a few minutes or go on for hours or longer. It may get either better or worse when you’re trying to sleep.
My vein in my left ankle is twitching ando pulsating..In addition to this Iv had migraine on my left temple.. protruding veins in my left temple..and some tingling in my head with the migraine ... View answer

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generalgrievousdatingsim: “my body is less of a “temple” and more of a rotting 19th century mansion rumored to be haunted by several wicked and vengeful spirits ” this is a heart meter. veinslikefeathers has 3 out of 4 hearts
The part of speech of twitching is a verb like when you twitch your eye or other parts of the body. ... Anger is running through my veins like an ongoing roller coaster. another: I feel like i am ...

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Varicose veins are bulging veins that are larger than spider veins, typically 3 mm or more in diameter. Less commonly, but not exceptionally, varicose veins can be due to other causes, as post phlebitic obstruction and/or incontinence, venous and arteriovenous malformations.

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Doctor said it was a lack of magnesium, but a few months later the problem persisted, and a new sensation developed in my left shoulder blade - the warm buzzy "running ants feeling". I moved to another country, so went to another doctor there. That doctor stated that my neck is very stiff and asked if I suffer from migraine, which I don't think ...

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